Founded in 2019 and based in Bradenton, FL, I had a vision to create a unique Florida lifestyle clothing brand that was different than any other brand on the market. Goats are just cool and you rarely see them used as mascots or logos for brands in the clothing business. Then putting a coastal vibe on it, the brand name Island Goat was born. 

It started as a side hustle while working full time as a medical professional. I was mostly selling products at local craft markets to try and get the brand out there. At one of these events, a local retailer approached me asking if he could sell Island Goat in his ice cream shop. I agreed and the products sold through very fast in this little beachside shop. I realized I needed to pursue other retail stores to really grow this business to the level I envisioned.

On April 10, 2023, I officially left my full time job leaving a 6 figure salary behind to focus strictly on Island Goat. While some friends and family think the decision was risky and kind of crazy, I embrace the challenge and have big dreams for the brand. I've been living the van life while on the road prospecting for new retail stores. Pitching the brand by day and sleeping in my van at night to keep travel expenses low. I believe the best things come when earned and you get out what you put in. 

This story is ongoing as I am still in the early stages of what I believe Island Goat is capable of becoming. We are currently being sold in about 20 retail locations and counting; surf shops, tackle shops, and resorts. Follow along on this journey with us. Thank you to our customers and retailers that have supported us thus far!

Hethe Owens - Founder


Brand Story: Island Goats are unique and don't follow conventional rules. While the rest of the herd is land locked and stuck in the daily grind, Island Goats break away to be with the sun and sea.

Break Away from the Herd...Be an Island Goat!